University of Wyoming
College of Health Sciences
Honduras Health Care Program

The University of Wyoming seeks to serve the people of Agua Salada, Honduras by building a sustainable health care system for its community. Our goal is to provide a unique and valuable cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, service-learning experience for students from the health sciences disciplines and others throughout the UW community.

Our vision is to improve health outcomes among the people in this remote and mountainous region of Honduras by providing primary health care, public health, dental care, nutrition and education. Our efforts are in partnership with Shoulder-to-Shoulder, a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization that is well established in rural Honduras, having provided health care services to western Intibuca since 1990.

At the core of our work is a sense of cultural humility. We make every effort to develop health care teams who share common values with the community of Agua Salada such as respect for family, honesty, and most especially equality. Our team members are volunteers with a spirit of partnership and caring, always mindful of our invisible yet fundamental human connection. We do not assume paternalistic roles, on the contrary, the lives of brigade members are enriched by their immersion experience.